2020: Seeing Clearly During a Time of Change

Since March, comic conventions have ground to a halt, so our focus since 2015 – working on the comics section at Fan Expo HQ events across North America was severely impacted. While we had booked guests for all events leading right up to what would have been next weekend’s Fan Expo Canada event, the cancellation of those events has been a severe disappointment for me and for other members of the comics team.

While we continue to plan for the upcoming 2021 events, this has given me the opportunity to sort out our remaining stock as well as organize a number of collectible and comics related items that the Lounge has available but hasn’t been able to do anything with in 2020 – as there have been no comic con events (large or small) locally at which I can sell these items. So I’ve decided that, starting in September 2020 we’ll be reviving the Comic Book Lounge for online sales through Facebook, Kajiji and other avenues.




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