Books Available January 2021

These are the books we currently have in stock, sorted by Publisher, then Title. For the sake of pricing we’ve included the original US price. That’s not your final purchase price, let us know what you are interested in and we’ll do a condition check and provide our best price. In the case of some Out of Print books we may price to market. Please contact me at to inquire. For items to be shipped we will quote actual shipping cost based on size and weight but will need your postal code and city/town for the estimate. Happy Hunting!

TITLEPublisherCover PriceFormat Language
Goldtiger: The Poseidon Complex (the secret history of the 60’s greatest unseen comic)2000 AD$24.99TP Trade PaperbackEnglish
Cerebus Vol. 2: High Society Gold Logo Signed and Numbered Edition 608/850Aardvark-Vanaheim$39.99TPEnglish
Eric Powell Coloring BookAlbatross Funnybooks$10.99TPEnglish
Doctor Who: The Official DoctionaryBBC Books$16.99HC HardcoverEnglish
Brok Windsor (Kickstarter numbered edition #55)Bedside Press$24.99HCEnglish
Adventure Time Mathematical Edition Volume 4Boom!$34.99Oversized HCEnglish
Adventure Time presents Marceline and the Scream QueensBoom!$39.99Oversized HCEnglish
Adventure Time with Fionna and CakeBoom!$39.99Oversized HCEnglish
Kong of Skull Island Volume 1 Boom!$16.99TPEnglish
Doc Frankenstein Vol 1: The Messiah of Science ResurrectedBurleyman$16.99TPEnglish
Sam Keith: Samplings and DrawingsCartoon Art Museum$19.99TPEnglish
Morton: A Cross Country Rail JourneyConundrum Press$20.00TPEnglish
Paul Joins the ScoutsConundrum Press$19.99TPEnglish
Paul Up NorthConundrum Press$19.99TPEnglish
Paul: The Song of RolandConundrum Press$19.99TPEnglish
Angel Catbird Volume 1Dark Horse$14.99HCEnglish
Blacksad: AmarilloDark Horse$17.99HCEnglish
Essential Kurtzman Vol. 1: Jungle BookDark Horse$24.99HCEnglish
Hellboy in Hell: The Death Card Dark HorseON HOLDHCEnglish
The Art of Masters of the Universe Limited Edition SetDark Horse$129.99Slipcase HCEnglish
100 Bullets Volume 7: SamuraiDC$12.95TPEnglish
Avengers Kree/Skrull WarDC$34.99Oversized HCEnglish
Batman (1989 Movie Adaptation)DCSOLDPF Prestige FormatEnglish
Batman by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo (Court of Owls/City of Owls/Death of the Family)DC$49.99Slipcase TPEnglish
Batman Volume 9: BloomDC$24.99HCEnglish
Batman: Collected Legends of the Dark KnightDC$12.95TPEnglish
Batman: Full CircleDC$5.95PFEnglish
Batman: Haunted KnightDC$14.95TPEnglish
Blackhawk 1-3DC$8.85PFEnglish
Camelot 3000DC$34.99Oversized HCEnglish
Coloring DC Harley Quinn and the Suicide SquadDC$15.99TPEnglish
Coloring DC SupergirlDC$15.99TPEnglish
Coloring DC Wonder WomanDC$15.99TPEnglish
DC Comics Guide to Coloring and Lettering ComicsDC$22.95TPEnglish
DC Comics Guide to Creating ComicsDC$24.95TPEnglish
DC Comics Guide to Digitaly Drawing ComicsDC$22.95TPEnglish
DC Comics Guide to Inking ComicsDC$22.95TPEnglish
DC Comics Guide to Pencilling ComicsDC$22.95TPEnglish
DC Comics Guide to Writing ComicsDC$22.95TPEnglish
Detective Comics: 80 Years of BatmanDC$29.99Oversized HCEnglish
Harley Quinn and Poison IvyDC$24.99HCEnglish
Justice League Vol 7: The Darkseid War Part OneDC$24.99HCEnglish
Justice League Vol 8: The Darkseid War Part TwoDC$24.99HCEnglish
Naomi Season OneDC$19.99HCEnglish
Nightwing: FreefallDC$17.99TPEnglish
Superman Inc.DC$5.95PFEnglish
Superman: KalDC$5.95PFEnglish
Superman: The Golden Age Volume OneDC$19.99TPEnglish
The Flash: The Return of Barry Allen TPDC$17.95TPEnglish
The Omega Men: The End is HereDC$24.99TPEnglish
The Spectre: Crimes and Punishment (Glow in the Dark Cover)DC$9.95TPEnglish
Wrath of the SpectreDC$19.99TPEnglish
Marvel Comics: 75 Years of Cover ArtDK/MarvelSOLDSlipcase HCEnglish
Spider-Man Chronicles: Celebrating 50 Years of Web-SlingingDK/Marvel$50.00HCEnglish
Grumpy Cat (and Pokey!)Dynamite$12.99HCEnglish
Peter Cannon: ThunderboltDynamite$29.99HCEnglish
TitanEditions Pow Pow$19.99TPFrench
Butterscotch 2 (Adults only)Eurotica$10.95TPEnglish
Click (Adults only)Eurotica$9.95TPEnglish
Click 2 (Adults only)Eurotica$12.95TPEnglish
Complete Buddy Bradley Stories Vol.3 Buddy Buys a DumpFantagraphics$19.99TPEnglish
HiddenFirst Second$16.99HCEnglish
Sailor TwainFirst Second$24.99HCEnglish
The SculptorFirst Second$29.99HCEnglish
Mark Schultz: Carbon Volume 1Flesk$24.99TPEnglish
Mark Schultz: Various Drawings Volume 4Flesk$29.99HCEnglish
The Nexus ChroniclesFlesk$50.00HCEnglish
World of Pop! Volume 3Funko$29.99HCEnglish
Overstreet Comic Book Marketplace Yearbook 2014/2015Gemstone$12.95TPEnglish
Overstreet Guide to Grading Comics Gemstone$24.95TPEnglish
Danger Girl Permission to Thrill Coloring BookIDW$9.99TPEnglish
Farscape: The War for the Uncharted TerritoriesIDW$29.99TPEnglish
Genius, Animated: The Life and Art of Alex TothIDWSOLDHCEnglish
Genius, Illustrated: The Life and Art of Alex TothIDWSOLDHCEnglish
Genius, Isolated: The Life and Art of Alex TothIDWSOLDHCEnglish
Gil Kane’s Undersea AgentIDW$17.99Oversized HCEnglish
Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las VegasIDW$24.99HCEnglish
Sergio Aragones Groo the Wanderer Artist’s EditionIDW$150.00HCEnglish
Worlds of Sam KeithIDW$49.99HCEnglish
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate CollectionIDW Limited$199.99Slipcase HCEnglish
Black Magick Volume 1: AwakeningImage$9.99TPEnglish
Chrononauts Volume 2Image$14.99TPEnglish
Glory: The Complete SagaImage$34.99HCEnglish
Jupiter’s Legacy Book TwoImage$16.99TPEnglish
Monstress Volume 1: AwakeningImage$9.99TPEnglish
Nixon’s PalsImage$19.99Oversized HCEnglish
Paper Girls Volume 2Image$12.99TPEnglish
The Art of Charlie AdlardImage$SOLDHCEnglish
The Goddamned Book One: Before the FloodImage$9.99TPEnglish
The Walking Dead Coloring BookImage$14.99TPEnglish
Undiscovered CountryImage$9.99TPEnglish
Bill (Finger) the Boy WonderJunior Library Guild$17.95HCEnglish
ParisKnockabout $23.99TPEnglish
Crawl SpaceKoyama Press$19.95HCEnglish
Paul au ParcLa Pasteque$19.99TPFrench
The Rise and Fall of AxiomLegendary$19.99TPEnglish
Adventures of Captain America Marvel$34.99TPEnglish
Avengers: StandoffMarvel$24.99HCEnglish
Black Widow: The Sting of the WidowMarvel$24.99HCEnglish
Black Widow: Web of IntrigueMarvel$24.99HCEnglish
Cloak and Dagger: Crime and PunishmentMarvel$29.99HCEnglish
Color Your Own Civil WarMarvel$9.99TPEnglish
Color Your Own: Age of Ultron featuring the AvengersMarvel$9.99TPEnglish
Ka-Zar: Savage DawnMarvel$15.99TPEnglish
Klaws of the PantherMarvel$14.99TPEnglish
Marvel Firsts: The 1980’sMarvel$39.99TPEnglish
Marvel Visionaries: Excalibur by Alan Davis Volume 2Marvel$24.99TPEnglish
Marvel Visionaries: Excalibur by Alan Davis Volume 21Marvel$24.99TPEnglish
Marvel Visionaries: Incredible Hulk by John ByrneMarvel$24.99TPEnglish
Marvel Visionaries: Incredible Hulk by Peter David Volume 1Marvel$19.99TPEnglish
Marvel Visionaries: Incredible Hulk by Peter David Volume 2Marvel$19.99TPEnglish
Marvel Visionaries: Incredible Hulk by Peter David Volume 3Marvel$19.99TPEnglish
Marvel Visionaries: Incredible Hulk by Peter David Volume 6Marvel$29.99TPEnglish
Marvel Visionaries: Incredible Hulk by Peter David Volume 7Marvel$29.99TPEnglish
Marvel Visionaries: Incredible Hulk by Peter David Volume 8Marvel$29.99TPEnglish
Namor Visionaries: John Byrne Vol. 1Marvel$24.99TPEnglish
Namor Visionaries: John Byrne Vol. 2Marvel$24.99TPEnglish
Official Index of the Marvel Universe: The Amazing Spider-Man Marvel$19.99TPEnglish
Sensational She-Hulk by John ByrneMarvel$24.99TPEnglish
Sensational She-Hulk by John Byrne: The ReturnMarvel$39.99TPEnglish
Spider-Man vs Doctor Doom Marvel$6.95TPEnglish
Spider-Man: Chapter OneMarvel$34.99TPEnglish
Spider-Man: Maximum CarnageMarvel$29.99TPEnglish
Spider-Man: Revenge of the Sinister SixMarvel$29.99HCEnglish
Thanos: Infinity AbyssMarvel$24.99TPEnglish
The Art of Marvel Studios (4 Art books – Iron Man/Iron Man 2/Thor/Captain America)Marvel$150.00Slipcase HCEnglish
The Savage HulkMarvel$6.95PFEnglish
The Vision: Little Better than a Beast Volume 2Marvel$17.99TPEnglish
Venom: Deathtrap: The VaultMarvel$6.95PFEnglish
Wolverine: The Jungle AdventureMarvel$4.50PFEnglish
X-Men: Magik – Storma and IllyanaMarvel$19.99HCEnglish
Visionaries: Thor by Walter Simonson (Signed and Numbered 133/1500)Marvel Limited$69.95HCEnglish
Gullivera (Adults only)NBM$13.95TPEnglish
The Crogan Adventures: Catfoot’s VengeanceOni Press$17.99TPEnglish
FrankRenegade Arts Ent.$20.00HCEnglish
The Contemporary Illustrated Pin-UpSchiffer$34.99HCEnglish
Stranger Things Field GuideSmith Street Books$19.95HCEnglish
True Patriot: All New Canadian Comic Book AdventuresTrue Patriot Comics$19.99HCEnglish
American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1950’s (1950-1959TwoMorrows$40.95HCEnglish
Grailpage: Original Comic Book Art and the CollectorsTwoMorrows$15.95TPEnglish
Modern Masters Vol. 29: Cliff ChiangTwoMorrows$15.95TPEnglish
The Best of From the TombTwoMorrows$27.95TPEnglish
Shadowman (1994)Valiant$9.95TPEnglish
Jeffrey Jones: The Definitive ReferenceVanguardSOLDTPEnglish
The Sensuous FrazettaVanguardSOLDTPEnglish

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