April Showers bring Comic Shows

hflNext weekend – April 11/12, the Comic Book Lounge will be setting up a booth at HERO FEST KINGSTON, a new 2-day show taking place in Kingston, ON. Featured guests in include TY TEMPLETON, DAN DAY, Dr. Who’s COLIN BAKER and Star Trek: The Next Generation’s DENISE CROSBY (who recently appeared on the Walking Dead).

The following weekend we will be setting up on Sunday, April 19th at the next TORONTO COMIC BOOK SHOW.

Don’t forget, between now and April 24 we are having a 40% off older trades and hardcovers clearance sale. All books on the bookshelves on the walls are on sale – after the 24th we’re packing up the remainder for show backstock and for online sales. New books are not on sale.

After that we really start winding down the retail shop, and on the following weekend – April 25/26 we’ll be moving a lot of the remaining stock and fixtures into storage for shows and online sales.

FINALLY on Wednesday, April 29th – an event three years and three months in the making — we are throwing a LAST WEDNESDAY/FINAL NIGHT PARTY and staying open until 11PM with special appearances by comic guests like LEONARD KIRK (artist on Fantastic Four – the last issue of Fantastic Four ships that day), TY TEMPLETON (Batman ’66 Meets the Green Hornet artist), and more. It’s doubles as our final Industry Night at this location and the following day, April 30th we bid adieu to 587A College.

CGC Shipping Update

Dear customers with CGC books submitted at Fan Expo:

We understand you have been waiting patiently, and at last check, some of the books have been graded and are in Quality Control with the remainder “scheduled for grading”. I should be able to let you know grades soon, when that information is available to me online.

Any Fast Track and Standard Tier Submissions are already done and should be available for pick up at the store within a few days – the FedEx package was sent yesterday (Jan 14) – we will contact you when they arrive.

At this rate we are looking for the remainder of the Fan Expo books to be shipped up in early February.

Beyond the closing of the physical shop in the spring, we will continue to accept submissions and requests at local shows.

UPDATE: (March 1st) still waiting for one invoice to be finished but we should have everything in hand before the Toronto ComiCON on March 20th.

Submitting books for CGC Signature Series at Fan Expo Canada

cgcss02092012_0001The Comic Book Lounge in downtown Toronto will once again be accepting some Signature Series requests at Fan Expo Canada on August 28-31 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. CBL+G Owner and CGC’s former Director of Signature Series (from 2005-2010) Kevin A. Boyd will be personally accepting and overseeing the requests made at the CBL+G booth at Fan Expo Canada.


We can pick up and submit prearranged sketch cover requests (if you need sketch covers we can provide as part of the request – please inquire re: availability of specific sketch covers). Not all artists will be willing to do sketch covers which is why we suggest you contact and arrange in advance to avoid disappointment. We can arrange commissions with some guests in advance on your behalf.


Unfortunately not all guests and celebrities are available, and autograph fees are an additional cost above all CGC related fees.

Please Note that with the 2014 show being in two unique buildings, we will be located in the South Building – the same building as the comic book guests, but celebrities who are doing public signings will be located in the North Building.

For celebrity guests we are only accepting Witnessing requests at the event from attendees. We will accept submission requests in advance for comic guests (full service, where our Witness obtains the autograph). If you are not attending and dropping off books we will need them at the store by August 26th (2 days before the event).


Many of the celebs will be ticketed (that is you buy a ticket and then come back at certain times to redeem them and get your item(s) signed). We are providing a Witness only for celebrity signings, we do not purchase or line up for autograph tickets (and exhibitors may be denied the option to purchase tickets for some or even all celebrity guests anyway). This way you are still able to meet the celebrity as well – the Witness will go with you and be in the vicinity to see your item signed.

I also recommend that when you purchase an autograph ticket that you make sure with the handlers that they will sign your comic. Some guests will be only signing photos or in rare cases, only promotional posters, so please make sure you check first to avoid disappointment and problems in the line.

If you plan on getting celebrities, we try to group times to ensure the availability of the Witness in the celebrity signing area as they will be traveling from the home base in the South building to the signing area in the North.


For books published in 1980 or after
Modern – US$38

For books published before 1980:
Value Tier – US$40 (15 book Economy Tier minimum, book must be valued under US$150)
Economy – US$50
Standard – US$75
Express – US$108

+ US$5 for CGC’s invoice fee + Shipping

+ US$5 for each additional autograph above the first one on any item (unless they are beside one another).

+ Fast Track is an extra US$10 a book

+ Pressing fees, please inquire. Book can be submitted to CCS for pressing then passed along to CGC for additional costs.

ALSO Please note: if you wish for us to submit under your existing CGC dealer or Collector’s Society account, the fee is US$15 for the first autograph acquired per item (+$5 for each additional autograph on the same item), plus shipping cost to CGC from Toronto (roughly $7). All CGC grading and invoice fees and return shipping will be billed by CGC to you on your account.

All prices above are in US dollars, and will be converted to Canadian $ using the exchange rate at time of payment. (For example, today it’s US$1 = CAN$1.09, so US$38 = CAN$41.42)


Also please take note that we DO accept regular blue label submissions at the show and at the store.

Cost is the CGC submission price per tier (no additional fees) + $5 CGC invoice fee + shipping to CGC and back to the store (more if you want them shipped to your home). Prices are converted to Canadian dollars using that day’s exchange rate. Currently US$1 = CAN$1.09.


We generally have all items shipped back to the store in downtown Toronto for pick-up. We can have them shipped back to your house, but please be aware that the cost is significant and beneficial only if you are submitting a large request of 10 or more.


April 5 is Batman day: Francis Manapul signing + Batman ’66 book launch with Ty Templeton


587A College Street – 2nd Floor

detective-comics-30-002PM – 5PM – DETECTIVE COMICS #30 Signing with FRANCIS MANAPUL

A bold new direction for DETECTIVE COMICS as THE FLASH creative team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccelato take over the creative reins! Batman finds himself knee-deep in a new mystery involving a deadly new narcotic that has hit the streets of Gotham City.

Please join writer/artist FRANCIS MANAPUL at the Comic Book Lounge on Saturday, April 5th for a special signing for this landmark issue! Francis will be signing and sketching for fans!



batman_66_vol_1_1_textless7PM – 11PM – BATMAN ’66 HC BOOK LAUNCH with TY TEMPLETON!

Put on your go-go boots and get ready to “Batusi” back to the Swingin’ 60s as DC Comics reimagines the classic Batman TV show! In this hardcover collecting issues #1-5 of the hit series, The Dynamic Duo takes on The Riddler, Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, The Mad Hatter, The Joker, and more of the world’s most colorful Bat-villains!

Please join us for a special bat-party at a special bat-time at the Comic Book Lounge (and our neighbours the Temple of Toys) with the one and only Ty Templeton!

On display will be original artwork from Batman ’66 #2 and #6. Ty Templeton will have his Batman ’66 prints available and original artwork for sale!

Feel free to come dressed as your favourite hero or villain! Come and do the Batusi — we’ll have someone there who can teach you how! Neil Hefti’s swinging jazz on the stereo, and some Batman ’66 on the small screen!

bmLibations will be available for purchase. A tall glass of milk helps build strong bones and teeth in case you need to catch the Bat-rope in your teeth!

Plus —
Saturday night.
Good times with friends.

All the right ingredients for a good time for all.

Come and see the back space before it becomes The Back Space!


The Sean Ward Christmas Special – Saturday December 7th starting at 1pm


GREAT NEWS, everyone! SEAN WARD has been working on a secret Christmas comic book and it’s finished!! He’ll have copies available at his Christmas special this Saturday at TCBLG! This is not going to be for sale on his website or anywhere else – only for VIPs and guests!! Come get yourself a copy, and get Sean to draw you some art to give someone for Christmas!!!


Seriously, what would someone like for Christmas more than an original piece of art? What would they appreciate more than having their likeness rendered as a Custom Cartoon Portrait™?


And what could be more fun at this special time of year than wearing your Christmas finery and enjoying a bona fide new school old timey Christmas show?

One day only – SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7 – come join the Christmas Happening at the Lounge!

We will have egg nog, Christmas music, candy canes, and even a special guest or two.

Original Art Services (for really impressive gift giving):
– trading cards
– greeting cards
– 8.5×11 custom sketches & portraits
– full color framed Custom Cartoon Portraits™ (limited available!)

– Captain America VS Thor comic book
– Tomorrow Never Knows: A Comics History of the Psychedelic Beatles
– Art Prints
– T-Shirts


Also That Joker Guy will be taking over Temple of Toys i the same space

Shrub Monkeys: Shanahanigans Vol.1 Book Launch – Wednesday, October 30, 2013 7-11

shrSHRUB MONKEYS: Shanahanigans Vol. 1 is OFFICIALLY available (for pre-order), and what better way to celebrate but a COSTUME Book Launch Party at The Comic Book Lounge in Toronto.

That’s right, it’s the night before Halloween, so why not dress up? (we will).

Join KT, Shaggy, & HES for food, drinks, prizes, AND a special EXTRA live episode of Shanahanigans Live, co-hosted by the Guys with Pencils, Adam and Andrew.

Join us, won’tchya?

Wed, Oct. 30th * Doors at 7:00pm * Live show at 8:00pm


Shrub Monkeys Pre-order:

Comic Book Lounge:

Guys with Pencils

Halloween ComicsFest 2013 – Sat Oct 26 and Sun Oct 27

hcfprThe Comic Book Lounge will once again be participating in HALLOWEEN COMICSFEST. However, instead of holding the event on Halloween we will be giving out the free Halloween Comics on Saturday October 26th and whatever is left on Sunday, October 27th.


We are adding THOUSANDS OF BACK ISSUES to the inventory this weekend just in time for the sale! Lots of great books from the 80’s and 90’s as well as a longbox of new vintage books for the wall that will be available for the first time including issues of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, MARVEL TEAM-UP, X-MEN, TOMB OF DRACULA, THE SPECTRE and more! PLUS! A fine selection of Marvel magazines, graphic novels and TREASURY EDITION COMICS from the 1970’s! sm

No artist alley this year, sorry.



So here’s how it works:

If you buy two items you get a third item for free. The lowest priced item will always be the free item. There is no limit involved, for every two items you get a third for free. So you can buy six items and get three free, or buy 10 items and get five free. This applies to the following in store items: comic books, graphic novels, sale graphic novels, back issue comics, statues, action figures, POP figures… the only items omitted are (1) indie comics that are at the store on commission sale — please ask (2) select commission based toys (like the Lego sets) (3) any original art and (4) Preordered items (in pull files).

Reminder: CYBORG 009 Art Show and Signing with Marcus To and Ian Herring TONIGHT 9/20 – 7-11pm

Tonight at the Comic Book Lounge we will be hosting an art show and signing with MARCUS TO and IAN HERRING to celebrate the recent release of their new graphic novel CYBORG 009 from Archaia Entertainment. Beverages will be available for purchase at the event.

Archaia Entertainment is excited to announce a partnership with Ishimori Production Inc. of Japan to produce Cyborg 009, a modern adaptation of the classic manga series created by the legendary Shotaro Ishinomori, author of other such notable works as Kamen Rider, Goranger, Kikaider and Skullman. This deluxe hardcover graphic novel will feature the classic characters and origin story from the original series re-imagined for a new worldwide audience. The new edition will be written by F.J. DeSanto (The Spirit, Immortals: Gods and Heroes) and Bradley Cramp (Gattaca and the forthcoming film Invertigo), and illustrated by artist Marcus To (Red Robin, The Huntress) and colorist Ian Herring (Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand).

The story follows nine normal humans kidnapped from around the world to become unwilling test subjects by The Black Ghost Organization, a secret society that provides weapons of mass destruction to the highest bidder. The nine victims are put through a series of extreme experiments that transform each one into a unique super-powered weapon. With the help of a compassionate project scientist, these living weapons rebel from their captors and set off on a mission to stop Black Ghost from plunging the world into a perpetual state of war.

Created in 1964, Cyborg 009 was Japan’s first and most-popular super-team, quickly becoming one of the most influential manga series of all time. The original manga has been published in over 250,000,000 copies of weekly comics and comic books worldwide.

A new 3D CGI animated theatrical feature film, 009 RE:CYBORG, produced by Production I.G (Ghost in the Shell, Kill Bill Vol.1), was released in Japan in October 2012. DeSanto is currently attached to produce a live-action feature film version of the property.

Reminder: Sat. Sept. 7th – Cerebus LOW SOCIETY Launch Party with Gerhard

low_society_bwCerebus built a reputation for parody by liberally borrowing from popular and established comic characters. With Low Society, Multiple Eisner and Joe Shuster award-nominated editor Rob Walton (Ragmop) and the Comic Lab bullpen take you on all-new adventures in aardvarkian insanity featuring appearances from Red Sophia, Moon Roach, Elrod, and more. Featuring an all new cover inked by Dave Sim with backgrounds by Gerhard. Plus a host of pin-ups, laughs and surprises.

Gerhard will be making a rare special appearance at the event with new prints for sale!
Cerebus’ Gerhard will be making a rare special appearance at the event with new prints for sale!

The launch party/signing at the Comic Book Lounge in Toronto features a rare appearance by special guest GERHARD (who worked with Sim on Cerebus from issues 65 to 300), editor Rob Walton and the Comic Lab Bullpen. There will be an accompanying art show of the original art from the published issue.

The book will be distributed to comic book shops later this month, but advance copies will be available EXCLUSIVELY at the Comic Book Lounge (587A College Street, Toronto) for this event!

Please note, that while he gave permission to use Cerebus in this project (and his position on how others can use the character is detailed in the preface of LOW SOCIETY) — Cerebus creator Dave Sim will NOT be at the event.

Refreshments will be available for purchase at this event.