Upcoming: Uys-Faber signing 5/31, Utopia Hall Show 6/2 & Niagara Falls ComicCon 6/8-9

On Friday, May 31 from 6-9 we’ll be staying open late to host a signing to celebrating the release of Uys-Faber’s TOTEM SACRED – TAY-RA #1

969585_578112555543523_464650993_nThen on Sunday, June 2nd we’ll be loading up the car and heading to Utopia Hall for the Cool Collectibles Show and Sale


And then the following weekend, on June 8-9 we’ll be exhibiting at the Niagara Falls Comic-Con. Look for us near the main entrance at booth 141 (shared with Hairy Tarantula and 3rd Quadrant Comics). Comic book guests include Marc Silvestri, George Perez, Colleen Doran, Ken Lashley, Leonard Kirk, Dave Ross, Spent Pencils, Stephen Burger (Talk!) and our very own Chris Yao as well as a number of other great creators.


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