The last week is upon us. College Street location closes April 30th.

This past weekend we boxed up a lot of the back issues as well as the art books, preparing them for the big move to storage. We’ve left a bin (approx. 5 long boxes worth) of late 2014/early 2015 comics that will be available until the 30th.

Books in the bookshelves continue to be 40% off US Cover until Sunday, April 26th.

Over the course of this week, April 21-24th we’ll be packing up more of the store for a series of moves this week and some larger ones over the weekend of April 25-26.

We receive our final shipment of new comics on Wednesday April 29th and we’ll be hosting a signing with artist Leonard Kirk (Fantastic Four) in the late afternoon, followed by our FINAL INDUSTRY NIGHT & CLOSING PARTY that will run late, until 11PM that day.

On Thursday, April 30th we’ll be moving the last items out, the end of an era.




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