Ladies Night Returns – Saturday, August 23rd – 8PM-11PM

70sdcsuperheroeswIt’s the return of one of our Signature events at The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery, Temple Of Toys and Back Space Toronto.

Bring your fab nerd attire,
Bring your girlfriends,
and prepare yourself for Ladies Night at the Lounge!

Toronto’s premiere event exclusively for female fandom. A chance to hang and network with your fellow nerds the Saturday before nerd prom!

As always, the guys stay home and the shop becomes a female friendly space.

There will be plenty of opportunities to hang out and network with fellow fans, and to browse at the Comic Book Lounge and Temple of Toys. We’ll have a Wii set up for anyone in a competitive mood, and people should feel welcome to bring materials and use one of the tables in the Back Space for crafting activities, or gather a group of friends and play a board game from our selection of available games (or bring one of your own). 

This event is dedicated to Ladies Night Co-Founder Debra Jane Shelly (1974-2014).


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