Ladies Night IV is this Saturday night – September 28th

ln4This Saturday night at the Lounge (September 28), the store is hosting our next private Ladies Night event —- basically the guys stay home and the store hosts a social for female fans and professionals to relax and network.

Our last three evenings had been a lot of fun (or at least I’ve been told that as I can’t be there!) and the hosts tell me this should be no different.

The event will run from about 7pm until Midnight. Some refreshments provided by Visions of Utopia, the store, and the evening’s co-hosts.

We wanted to give everyone going the heads up that Dorval Films will be coming in between 7 and 8 to do some coverage of the event to run on their web series COMIC BOOK CULTURE. The reason for the heads up is that the two people covering the event for Dorval Films are guys, and they’ve previously covered the LOW SOCIETY and CYBORG 009 book launches/art shows at the Comic Book Lounge. They promise to be out by 8 after conducting interviews with only those people willing to be interviewed / consent to be on camera. This will be a great chance to promote the positive aspects of this community event to a larger audience.

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Also, makeup artist and co-host Jennifer Maciel Bolton tells me she will be bringing her makeup kit.

Speaking of art shows, Marcus To’s Cyborg 009 artwork is still on display at the Lounge and will be up on Ladies Night this Saturday night.

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