Mar 8: Rocketeer Hollywood Horror #1 Release Party with J. Bone

Please join us from 7pm-11pm on Friday, March 8th for the Rocketeer Hollywood Horror #1 release party and gallery show featuring all of the original art to #1 by artist J. Bone, as well as the cover by Roger Langridge and J. Bone! Jason will be at the Lounge and happy to sign a copy of the book for you.

We’ve also got copies of the original Dave Stevens Rocketeer Deluxe Edition hardcover available, as well as a couple of copies of the Dave Stevens Rocketeer Artist’s Edition (2nd Printing) remaining.

THE ROCKETEER Experiences a “Hollywood Horror”!

Continuing their relationship with Dave Stevens’ high-flying hero, IDW Publishing is pleased to announce a brand-new Rocketeer miniseries for 2013!

Fans of Cliff Secord’s aeronautic acrobatics will be treated to THE ROCKETEER: HOLLYWOOD HORROR! Written by Eisner and Harvey Award winner Roger Langridge (Thor, Popeye, Snarked!) and illustrated by Eisner nominee J. Bone (Batman/The Spirit), Hollywood Horror is another action-packed chapter in the saga of comics’ favorite flyboy! As an added bonus, legendary comics superstar Walter Simonson has signed on as cover artist!

“You can count the really great superheroes created since the 1960s without taking your shoes and socks off, and The Rocketeer would have to be somewhere near the top of that very short list, so it’s a great privilege to be writing his adventures,” said Langridge. “And I’m particularly thrilled to be working with J. Bone on the art chores. He’s definitely an artist’s artist, in the best possible sense. We’re working hard to give this story our own personal twist without losing the classic Rocketeer tone, so you can expect plenty of fiendish schemes, famous cameos, derring-do, pretty girls and (of course) thrills galore!” he continued.

“Roger has given me so many terrific characters from the world of The Rocketeer and old Hollywood that drawing each scene excites me to get on to the next; and the next,” said Bone. “I enjoyed my initial taste of drawing the Cliff and Betty in The Rocketeer Adventures #4 so much that I’m thrilled to be drawing them again!”

Always caught in the middle, it’s a pulp thrill ride when Cliff finds himself embroiled in a dark mystery in the seemingly picturesque heart of Hollywood’s golden age! He may be neck-deep in mystery and mayhem, but it wouldn’t be a Cliff Secord caper if his sweetheart, the stunning Betty, weren’t steamed at him!

For fans of high-altitude adventure and on-the-ground intrigue, there’s simply no substitute for The Rocketeer!


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