New Hours, New Staff at the Comic Book Lounge

Our new outdoor sign will change the College Street landscape forever!
Our new outdoor sign will change the College Street landscape forever!

As we head into our second year of the Comic Book Lounge + Gallery, we’re making a few changes.

You may have noticed we’ve redesigned and recoloured the logo, courtesy of  Darwin Santos of Guerilla Printing. We decided we should align the colour schemes of the Lounge and Guerilla since we share the space, and we wanted something spiffy to adorn our new outdoor sign(!).

It’s taken a year, but we will finally have some outdoor signage on College (aside from our door sign natch), so we won’t be Toronto’s best kept comic store secret for long now…

New Business Hours:
SAT: 11am to 7pm
SUN: 11am to 6pm
MON: Noon to 7pm
TUE: Noon to 7pm
WED: Noon to 9pm
THU: Noon to 7pm
FRI: Noon to 7pm

Joe Kilmartin (Manager) (Weekdays)
Kellam Templeton-Smith (Sundays)
Rachel Richey (Wednesdays and Saturdays)
Roger Costa (Tuesday afternoons)
and Me (Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening, Weekends, other times as needed)

I’d like to take this time to publicly welcome the new members to our sales team as of this week:

Roger Costa has been helping us out on Tuesdays and at events for some time now, we’re happy to make that official.

Rachel Richey, who has recently moved to Toronto, is an expert in the field of Canadian comics and has worked with the John Bell Collection of Canadian Comics at the Canadian Archives in Ottawa. You should check out her excellent blog Comic Syrup. Rachel was a judge for the 2012 Joe Shuster Awards.

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