The Art of Marco Rudy Gallery Show – Late November/December 2012

Marco Rudy hails from Mozambique, in Africa, but currently is living in Toronto.

Marco broke into comics through promoting his art on the internet at sites like Deviantart. It was through Deviantart that he met an American writer, Grant Chastain, who invited Marco to join the Ronin Studios forums and work with him on a project called Corrective Measures. Marco did the 1st issue and almost immediately after that began talking with Howard Wong about a “drunk Super Hero” idea he had for a mini-series and they worked on it on and off until it was eventually published at Image Comics as After The Cape. It did well, and spawned a second mini-series.

Marco met Rafael Albuquerque and joined his studio, and got to meet and work with some great artists including Mateus Santolouco, Cris Peter, Edu Medeiros as well as Rafael, himself. It was there he learned the art of inking, and it led to his first inking jobs with BOOM! Studios – working on the covers for books like Zombie Tales and Cthulhu Tales. While living in Brazil, Marco met people like Eddie Berganza, Ivan Brandon, Brazilian superstars Fábio Moon, Gabriel Bá and Rafael Grampá. New opportunities arose, and he landed a job at DC Comics, working on Grant Morrison’s Final Crisis mini-series, and he also worked with writer Greg Rucka on Final Crisis: Resist, with Ivan Brandon on Final Crisis: Escape. Marco also did an issue of Superman/Batman, and The Shield mini-series. In 2011, Marco was announced as the original artist of Suicide Squad for the New 52, and while that did not work out, he would eventually work on Swamp Thing with writer Scott Snyder. Marco’s Swamp Thing artwork – is incredibly detailed, full of inventive layouts and every page explodes with creativity and imagination.

The gallery show consists of approximately 30 framed pieces — the majority of them are pages from various issues of Swamp Thing, but there are also pages from The Shield and Superman/Batman, as well as some unpublished pin-up pieces. In addition to the framed pieces, Marco has also left three folios of additional originals – most are available for purchase.

The Art of Marco Rudy runs into late December 2012. 

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