Popeye # 1 – the book of the week at TCBL

Where have we seen this before?
Did you get your copy of Popeye #1 yet?

Here at the Lounge, we LOVE Popeye and IDW sure didn’t disappoint with the debut issue of this new (hopefully) ongoing series. Very much in the flavour of the work of Popeye’s creator E.C. Segar (and we know because we just finished reading the last and final volume of Fantagraphics amazing collection of the complete Segar Popeye).

We’re down to just a handful of copies of this great book, so if you have any interest in checking this out, make sure you get one while they are still available. We have some of the Fantagraphics collections in stock, including the final volume 6 – My Lil’ Sweet Pea.

It’s also a hit — Popeye #1 has outsold every book published on Wednesday, April 25th except Avengers vs. X-Men 1. Shows what happens when ya eats your spinach!

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