We are participating in the first annual HALLOWEEN COMICSFEST on Wednesday, October 31st!

From NOON until 9PM we will be playing halloween themed music and giving away candy and FREE COMICS!!!!! The list of free titles includes:

– Batman / Scooby Doo
– Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
– Ultimate Spider-Man / Avengers
– Tales from the Crypt
– The Littlest Zombie
– Ghostbusters
– Strawberry Shortcake
– Cow Boy Hallow’s Eve Special
– New Crusaders
– Adventure Time
– Ernest and Rebecca
– Little Miss Daredevil
– Spacehawk
– Johnny Boo and Harold in Tricky Treaters
And many more!!!

PLUS! There will be prizes for best costume and you can participate NOW in Diamond’s Greatest Halloween Costume Contest!

PLUS! A professional make-up artist will be on hand to do face painting for Halloween! If you want to enhance your costume, or maybe you haven’t picked one yet — well now is your opportunity to expose your inner ghoul!!!!!

PLUS! It’s Wednesday, so all of the normal new releases will be available for purchase. The Book Lounge provides FREE bags and boards for all new release comics purchased at the store, and all new releases are U.S. COVER PRICE (in Canadian dollars) as are graphic novels, trade paperbacks, books and magazines. We also have a large selection of trade paperbacks and hardcovers available at reduced prices — including our NEW Marvel Omnibus section.
PLUS! We will be launching a new original art gallery show at the event…. but shhhhh…. it’s a surprise…. you’ll have to come down on Wednesday to see what it is!!!!!! We won’t let the cat out of THAT bag until Thursday.

PLUS! We will be featuring a mini ARTIST’S ALLEY in which a number of comic book creators will be appearing at throughout the day! You’ll see some of your local favourites like CHRIS YAO, RACHAEL WELLS and MARVIN LAW but we’ve also got a number of comics superstars who say they will be popping in for appearances like MARCO RUDY (Swamp Thing), TY TEMPLETON (Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man and artist of 2 of the Halloween giveaway comics — Batman/Scooby Doo and Ultimate Spider-Man/Avengers) and CARY NORD (X-O Manowar, Conan), LEONARD KIRK (X-Factor) (tentative) — among others!!!!!!

PLUS! Halloween ComicsFest at the COMIC BOOK LOUNGE is also the location for the launch of the ANOTHER GHOST comics anthology! Some of the creators will be appearing at the Lounge on Halloween to celebrate it! SHANE KIRSHENBLATT, VINCE SUNICO, KENT BURLES (tentative) and CHRIS BURKE will be in later in the afternoon/early evening to promote the launch.

Two versions of ANYTHING GHOST will be offered for sale: The standard edition, which has the full colour wrap-around cover ($10) and the sketch edition ($20 or more, depending on the sketch detail) and it has a blank image area, in case someone wants to get it sketched by one of the creators in attendance.

Details re: ANYTHING GHOST can be found here: http://indyplanet.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=7617

Written and Illustrated by Chris Burke (Art), Kent Burles (Art), Shane Kirshenblatt (Art), Andrew Kwan (Art), Vince Sunico (Art), Lex Wahl (Stories)
Standard Sized Trade Paperback:
Black & White
Page Count: 94
Enjoy five personal paranormal experiences, as selected by the Anything Ghost audience. Includes the original stories as they were heard on the show (unedited, in plain text format) as well as character sketches and rough layouts.

Since 2006, The Anything Ghost Show has been a popular forum for people all over the world to share their personal paranormal experiences. Now for the first time, we have collected fan favorite stories into this single volume, adapted into the comic book form! Perfect for ghost enthusiasts and fans of the classic EC comics.


This Wednesday we will be holding a release party on New comics day) for UNCANNY AVENGERS 1 – the first of the Marvel Now! titles being released. Uncanny Avengers 1 is written by Rick Remender, with artwork by John Cassaday.

The first customers who purchase the book will receive a limited edition print and other goodies, and there will be other surprises and bonuses for those who try out the new book.

On top of that, it’s a busy Wednesday as we see the release of Batman 13 (the return of the Joker and the start of the 2012 “Death in the Family” storyline) and other gems such as the first Saga trade paperback collection.


To celebrate the event we will be hosting a mini-artists alley at the store with special guests such as Shane Kirshenblatt, Ty Templeton, Chris Yao, Rachael Wells, David Cutler, Marco Rudy and others!