Comic Book Marathon – Special Edition: Saturday November 1, 2014

In January 2014 we lost our dear friend Debra Jane Shelly to SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy). Please join us for a Special Edition of the Toronto Comic Book Marathon in her honour.

The TORONTO COMIC BOOK MARATHONS are held several times a year, organised by Keiren Smith of Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Bootcamp, sponsored and hosted by THE COMIC BOOK LOUNGE & GALLERY and BACK SPACE TORONTO, bringing creators together in a community event to make their own comic story, to work together, to inspire each other, to network…producing a page an hour!

The event is open to all who are passionate about creating comics. You may register as an individual or a team. If you wish to collaborate with someone but don’t have a partner, we can assist you in finding one.


We will be using the event to raise money for Epilepsy Toronto, so please consider making an optional donation when registering.

Space is limited so be sure to register if you wish to participate. Supporters of participating creators do not have to register and are welcome to attend!


Please email with the subject line “Comic Book Marathon”. Indicate in your email whether you will be participating alone, with a partner (and their full name) or if you wish to be partnered with another creator and would like our assistance finding one (let us know if you are a writer seeking an artist or vice versa). We will send you a confirmation email, along with further details (including set-up information, regulations and tips).


Donations of food and other refreshments for the duration of the event are greatly appreciated. Please email us at (subject line “Comic Book Marathon Sponsorship”) and we would be happy to discuss an event partnership with you.

Ladies Night Returns – Saturday, August 23rd – 8PM-11PM

70sdcsuperheroeswIt’s the return of one of our Signature events at The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery, Temple Of Toys and Back Space Toronto.

Bring your fab nerd attire,
Bring your girlfriends,
and prepare yourself for Ladies Night at the Lounge!

Toronto’s premiere event exclusively for female fandom. A chance to hang and network with your fellow nerds the Saturday before nerd prom!

As always, the guys stay home and the shop becomes a female friendly space.

There will be plenty of opportunities to hang out and network with fellow fans, and to browse at the Comic Book Lounge and Temple of Toys. We’ll have a Wii set up for anyone in a competitive mood, and people should feel welcome to bring materials and use one of the tables in the Back Space for crafting activities, or gather a group of friends and play a board game from our selection of available games (or bring one of your own). 

This event is dedicated to Ladies Night Co-Founder Debra Jane Shelly (1974-2014).


Submitting books for CGC Signature Series at Fan Expo Canada

cgcss02092012_0001The Comic Book Lounge in downtown Toronto will once again be accepting some Signature Series requests at Fan Expo Canada on August 28-31 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. CBL+G Owner and CGC’s former Director of Signature Series (from 2005-2010) Kevin A. Boyd will be personally accepting and overseeing the requests made at the CBL+G booth at Fan Expo Canada.


We can pick up and submit prearranged sketch cover requests (if you need sketch covers we can provide as part of the request – please inquire re: availability of specific sketch covers). Not all artists will be willing to do sketch covers which is why we suggest you contact and arrange in advance to avoid disappointment. We can arrange commissions with some guests in advance on your behalf.


Unfortunately not all guests and celebrities are available, and autograph fees are an additional cost above all CGC related fees.

Please Note that with the 2014 show being in two unique buildings, we will be located in the South Building – the same building as the comic book guests, but celebrities who are doing public signings will be located in the North Building.

For celebrity guests we are only accepting Witnessing requests at the event from attendees. We will accept submission requests in advance for comic guests (full service, where our Witness obtains the autograph). If you are not attending and dropping off books we will need them at the store by August 26th (2 days before the event).


Many of the celebs will be ticketed (that is you buy a ticket and then come back at certain times to redeem them and get your item(s) signed). We are providing a Witness only for celebrity signings, we do not purchase or line up for autograph tickets (and exhibitors may be denied the option to purchase tickets for some or even all celebrity guests anyway). This way you are still able to meet the celebrity as well – the Witness will go with you and be in the vicinity to see your item signed.

I also recommend that when you purchase an autograph ticket that you make sure with the handlers that they will sign your comic. Some guests will be only signing photos or in rare cases, only promotional posters, so please make sure you check first to avoid disappointment and problems in the line.

If you plan on getting celebrities, we try to group times to ensure the availability of the Witness in the celebrity signing area as they will be traveling from the home base in the South building to the signing area in the North.


For books published in 1980 or after
Modern – US$38

For books published before 1980:
Value Tier – US$40 (15 book Economy Tier minimum, book must be valued under US$150)
Economy – US$50
Standard – US$75
Express – US$108

+ US$5 for CGC’s invoice fee + Shipping

+ US$5 for each additional autograph above the first one on any item (unless they are beside one another).

+ Fast Track is an extra US$10 a book

+ Pressing fees, please inquire. Book can be submitted to CCS for pressing then passed along to CGC for additional costs.

ALSO Please note: if you wish for us to submit under your existing CGC dealer or Collector’s Society account, the fee is US$15 for the first autograph acquired per item (+$5 for each additional autograph on the same item), plus shipping cost to CGC from Toronto (roughly $7). All CGC grading and invoice fees and return shipping will be billed by CGC to you on your account.

All prices above are in US dollars, and will be converted to Canadian $ using the exchange rate at time of payment. (For example, today it’s US$1 = CAN$1.09, so US$38 = CAN$41.42)


Also please take note that we DO accept regular blue label submissions at the show and at the store.

Cost is the CGC submission price per tier (no additional fees) + $5 CGC invoice fee + shipping to CGC and back to the store (more if you want them shipped to your home). Prices are converted to Canadian dollars using that day’s exchange rate. Currently US$1 = CAN$1.09.


We generally have all items shipped back to the store in downtown Toronto for pick-up. We can have them shipped back to your house, but please be aware that the cost is significant and beneficial only if you are submitting a large request of 10 or more.


Happy Canada Day!

Captain_Canuck_Day_AnnualPlease note that the Comic Book Lounge (but not Temple of Toys) will be open on Monday, June 30. We are normally closed on Mondays.

Both the Comic Book Lounge and Temple of Toys will be closed on Tuesday, July 1 because of Canada Day.

Anyone that comes in today gets a copy of the FREE Captain Canuck Canada Day Special.

Wishing everyone all the best on this Canada Day.

Please note: our Canada Day(s) sale continues until July 10 – buy any two older graphic novels or back issue comics and you can get one more of equal or lesser value for FREE!


Please note: hours advisory and an apology re: Sunday, June 8

The Comic Book Lounge is generally open from 12-7 every Tuesday through Saturday, as well as 12-6 on Sundays. Both the Comic Book Lounge and Temple of Toys are closed on Mondays.

On occasion we will stay open later on weeknights – if you would like to come by after hours please contact us during working hours at 647-345-1035 or email

We also exhibit at a lot of Toronto and area conventions, so on some weekends that coincide with these events we may close because we cannot staff both the retail shop and the convention. We will do our best to notify you in advance when this is the case.

On Sunday, June 8th we had to close early (2:30 instead of 6pm) because I (Kevin Boyd, the owner) had a personal matter to attend to and I did not have an available staff member to cover the store for the remaining 3 and a half hours we were advertised to be open. This is a special apology for Patrick and anyone else who was inconvenienced by our closing early that day. We strive to maintain our advertised hours, and will do our best to notify our customers and the public if an emergency comes up that requires us to close early or if a convention is on where we choose to close the retail shop.

587A COLLEGE ST., TORONTO, ON, CANADA * 647-345-1035


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