FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2012 was a party to be remembered, and we have the photos to prove it!

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY turned out to be a blast!  We, here at The Lounge, would love to thank ALL OF THE WONDERFUL GUESTS, VISITORS and CUSTOMERS who turned out!  Here are some photos from the day itself.


This is how we were looking outside before The Best Looking Street Team In Town showed up.


Kevin Boyd, looking relatively zesty early on in the day


A sampling of some of the books made available for free exclusively on May 5th, 2012 by some of the best publishers in the industry.


More comics available for free on FCBD!


From left to right, Karly MacDonald, Gibson Quarter, Dave Cutler and Ty Templeton in THE LOUNGE’s mini-Artist’s Alley




Here’s the Artist’s Alley area from the FCBD table – with Stuart Immonen in the upper right corner and Mike Del Mundo just to the right.



Skaii Walker, part of our excellent Street Team, texts some friends that the fun is about to start



Red Herring – the Professional Distraction grabs a quick photo with Joe now that her other half Mark is set up for face-painting and she can go downstairs to get things started outside.



Skaii and Debra Jane Shelley before things get going



Jessika Koeslag as THOR and Christina Ethier McNish as LOKI as part of our excellent cosplaying contingant.



Phil Gotfried shows up with his boys Issac and Tye and we’re off!



Ty and Issac love them some cosplay!



Ty, as Speedy:  “Hold it, Comics Guy, how do I know you’re not a FILTHY SKRULL?!?”


The customers and the sales start coming in!


More FREE COMIC BOOK DAY images to come!







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